Tri-County ATV Club
Island Pond, VT
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm a landowner.  What is my liability for allowing ATVs on my property?

Per Vermont Statute Title 10, Chapter 20, § 448. Landowner liability, No public or private owner of land which is a part of the Vermont trails system shall be liable for any property damage or personal injury sustained by any person using these trails unless the public or private owner intentionally inflicts the damage or injury.

When are the trails open?

Trails will tentatively be open on June 15th, 2019.  This date is weather and trail condition dependent.  We will continue to provide updates.  In 2017, trails did not open until June 29.  In 2018, trails opened May 29th.

Am I required to wear a helmet?

Yes, a helmet is required on all VASA trails whether on an ATV or in a UTV (Side x Side).  The Town of Brighton (Island Pond) also has a helmet requirement.

What is the maximum width that my ATV/UTV can be?

The maximum width in Vermont is 64 inches.  Tri-County trails that are open are all UTV accessible.

Can I ride by motorcycle on the trails?

NO.  State law prohibits any 2-wheeled vehicles on ATV Trails as does VASA and the Club.

What is required to ride in Vermont?

All riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and possess a safety certification card.  The minimum age to operate an ATV on the VASA trail system is 12 years old.

What is required to ride in Vermont?

You need a current registration from any state, membership in a club, and your VASA Trail Access Decal (TAD).  This will allow you to ride ANY of the VASA trails in the state.

Do I have to be registered in Vermont to obtain a VASA Trail Access Decal?

No, a valid registration from any state is currently allowed.

Do I need a club and VASA membership for each machine?

No.  As long as the machines are registered to the same owner and same address, only one club membership and one VASA membership is needed.  If machines are registered to different family members, each family member will need a club and VASA membership.

Do I need insurance to ride in Vermont?

Yes, you need to carry liability insurance if riding on Tri-County and VASA ATV trails. 

Do you have a club map?

Yes, please pick one up when you get your membership or at Gervais Ace Hardware in Island Pond.

How do I access the Tri-County ATV Club trails?

The Northern Trail Head is at Kingdom Market in Island Pond.  

The Southern Trail Head is on Rosebrook Hill Rd off of Route 114.

Some streets in town are marked for ATV use so people can leave from their homes/camps.

Can I ride my ATV into Island Pond?

YES!!!!  As of July 3, 2017 a new ordinance allows limited ATV access in town to shops, food, and gas.  Alder Street and a portion of Cross Street are open to ATVs for downtown access.  There are also multiple streets marked allowing those with homes/camps to get to the main trails.  You must go slow and be respectful or streets will be closed!  Follow signs and take no shortcuts!

Does Island Pond connect to other clubs or states?

Tri-County ATV trails do not currently connect to any of the other club trail systems.  However, this is a main goal we are working on in 2018 and some connections may even happen this summer.  We are working to connect to the Border Ridge Riders (Derby) and  also hope to begin connections to the northeast and eventually New Hampshire.

I've got another question.

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